Welcome to our Storeit4less store.
The padlocks we stock are the best quality, approved and used by the Military, made of premium grade stainless steel, and come with all the features you would expect from a premium padlock.
We also build and sell BLACKBOX Portable waste disposal solutions for portable cabins, portable offices, recreational vehicles and general premises.
Please visit our website at www.storeit4less.co.nz or call Tim on (021) 355005 with any questions. Thank you.

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Link to our website: www.storeit4less.co.nz 

Storeit4less imports a range of beautiful, premium quality padlocks (only the best).

We use these padlocks on our own containers, and direct sell them with a small margin in our online store, on trademe and on 4tradeit.
In addition we manufacture a range of portable pump solutions for portable cabins, RV's and general premises. These are available on our website, on trademe and on 4tradeit.
We also import premium high end ball check valves and ozone generators that are both available through our online store.
For quality solutions supplied direct to you at a big discount, visit our store, or you can phone Tim on (021) 355005.
Storage: We have been a storage depot for over 40 years. Neighbours store their containers, vehicles and other equipment in our yard which is secure and monitored 24/7 with CCTV.
Following similar requests by other friends over the years, we have organised safe and secure container storage for them.
We also make available some of our storage units as a low cost storage option for the local community.
We have new 20ft containers (with 12 air vents and new style 'easy entry handles') together with CCTV and automated gates activated by an electronic cards.
Thank you :)