New Zealand Space Agency

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New Zealand Space Agency Fore Sale to New Zealand
What are you bidding on?
Company NZBN 9429046745828
sole trader NZBN 9429046095893
You are bidding on the company name website addresses X2 both & anything else that goes with the name only!, this is registered & is New Zealand Owned only by Me. what you get is the register name, websites & 1,000,000,000 shares, that's it! this is a legitimate sale and you can check it out here,

Please only make a bid if you do have the funds available to you to buy & if you do not then please do not bid!

Note; Payment must be made in 15 working days, no exceptions by cash bank cheque made out to the current owner or bank transfer to the current owners account.

Also Note that I reserve the right to sell this item in other countries as this is advertise worldwide.

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