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  • The Whitening Co combine the latest in teeth whitening tech with our unique, sleek and user-friendly designs; giving you the best possible teeth whitening experience at home and in studio.
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  • Teeth whitening Auckland
    Affordable teeth whitening
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The Whitening co - nz’s leading at home & in studio teeth whitening

We combine the latest in teeth whitening technology with unique, sleek and user friendly designs; giving you the best possible teeth whitening experience. Smile with the whitening co, knowing that 10% of all profits are donated to fiji dental & medical foundation.

We give you the choice of using our white pens or our white strips, it’s all down to personal preference. the strips are great for an easier and faster, on-the-go whitening experience, while the pen offers more precision for those hard-to-reach places. our led white light speeds up the process of either, leaving you a whiter smile in as little as 25 minutes. you can find out more about each part by looking on our ‘products’ page.

The teeth whitening NZ popularity is increasing steadily and is fast becoming the popular type of cosmetic dentistry in the market. The teeth whitening is gaining huge momentum as there are a lot of benefits linked with the procedure. The most preferred process of teeth whitening among the patients will be in-office teeth whitening. The method of teeth whitening is done in the office by the dentist. Most of the patients prefer office whitening due to the speed. Getting in-office whitening is generally finished in one session, or a few cases, it will take an hour or less to complete.

Our products have been manufactured to fda standards and are best used in defined amounts. our white pens are safer to use than competing whitening applicators, because they allow for precise operation, to avoid any sensitivity or gum irritation. don’t overuse your whitening gel, less is best.

Source Link: https://whiteningco.nz/pages/b est-use

https://whiteningco.nz/pages/s tudio-location

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