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Hot Tub / Spa Ozone Generator – Used For Balboa Ozonator Hotspring, Hydrospa, Hydropool, LA Spas, Leisure Bay, Leisurerite, Marquis

A high power ozone generator for water treatment for any spa pool.

Keeps water clean with minimal chlorine.

A 220v-240v ozone unit - will need to be wired to your spa power or controller (may plug and play if your spa has an existing ozone generator.

Uses Corona discharge, the output is 200-300 mg/hr and will easily treat both small and large spa pools.

Your spa water should be crystal clear and odorless. Anything less than perfectly clear and balanced water is an indicator that one or more of the following is true:
• Your Spa Ozone generator unit has expired and needs replacing
• A check valve has failed and ozone is not getting into the water
• Your Spa Ozone generator is not producing enough ozone to properly sanitize the spa water
• An injector may be clogged or needs to be replaced

The average lifespan of most Spa Ozone Generators is 3 years (when the ozone generator is installed to run when the pump is on filter speed and is filtering your spa or pool 3-6 hours per day)

Brand Name: Easywater Ozonator
Air Volume: 50m³/h
Function: Sterilize
Installation: Portable
Type: Ozone Generator
Color: Black
Weight: Approx.900g

Voltage: 220v - 240v
Power: = 5.8 watts
Ozone Cartridge Output: 200-300 mg/hr

Compact design with simple operation
Easy installation and low maintenance
Low power consumption

Package included:
1 X Ozone Generator
1 X 1m PVC Tube
1 X Check Valve
1 X Amp Connector

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